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Sponsor A child Programme//

One of the greatest barriers that a child can face in Ghana is lack of financial support. The simple fact is that without money young people have limited access to decent education, adequate health care and are not in a position to pursue sporting opportunities.

Child sponsorship creates a unique personal connection between you and a child in Ghana. As a volunteer you have had first-hand experience working with, teaching and coaching underprivileged children. It is natural to make attachments to the children you work with and want to help them even after you have left the country. So if you are interested in continuing your support, please read on to learn about sponsoring a child.

How does it work?

When you first sign up to sponsor, you wlll receive a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and information about them and their community. This will be followed by a letter or drawing from your sponsored child. You will receive half annual updates and photos, so that you can follow your sponsored child's progress and find out more about the activities that your money is supporting in their community. You can choose how much you want to sponsor and for how long you want to support them.

How does my sponsored child benefit from my support?

They will be more likely to grow up healthy, for example, eating a decent diet and enjoying a childhood free of disease. They could get the chance to go to a well-equipped, stimulating school with stationary and uniform.

We regularly hear wonderful stories of how children were encouraged to study hard at school by their sponsor and how they have gone on to become doctors, teachers, midwives and more.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us for more information or request for a registration form today.


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